12 Gifts You Can Give You Little Ones On This Children’s Day

The children of today are the future of tomorrow. What we gift them is what they use and learn and later imply and apply in life. Make sure what they are gifted is not only fun but beneficial in both character ways and biological ways. Here are the best Children’s Day gifts you can give to your little ones.

1.Novels: Books and novels are a perfect gateway to parallel universes, incredible knowledge, vast imagination and infinite beautiful worlds. It is high time we bring back reading habits to mobile stricken kids. You do remember how Harry Potter took you into an entire different world right? Won’t you love to give that amazing experience to your kids? Gift them books, a gift they can open again and again and again. Enjoy and get wisdom altogether.

2.Notebooks: Notebooks, fancy ones, appealing ones, somewhere where they can jot all their imaginations, feelings and doodles down, can explore their creativity and abilities and make a world, a safe zone of their own. Pinaken Gifts are also an amazing choice. Pinaken has an amazing range of notebooks that’ll bring out the best in your child.

3.A Trip Outdoors: Something that they really need — the outside world which has technically been shut with the incoming of new tech and laptops. How about a trek? A picnic? Rafting? Rappelling? And definitely some time with their parents. Let them have a taste of the open air. They should learn that even without the net they can enjoy and can enjoy like never before. Some quiet place and lots of quality time will be one of the best gifts you can give.

4.Grow it yourself kits:  This counts in the unique Children’s Day gifts that you can give to your child. A kiss of nature! Grow it yourself kits are small kits that aid the kids to grow a plant of their own. This is extremely fun and teaches them love, care, patience, responsibility and an amazing experience. Flowers of various types or vegetables and herbs — help them grow a small garden of their own.

5.Small Pets: This is definitely a great option but needs commitment and pre-planning as well. But can you imagine the smile on your kid’s face when they see a little goldfish, or a hamster, or a guinea pig, or a white mouse, or if they are lucky enough, a puppy or a kitten? They’d have a companion of their own that will teach them all the virtues of life with lots of love.

6.Bikes: Bicycles and bikes are also great gift options. Using cycle for small distances teaches them proper use of petrol and gives them a chance to feel the adrenaline you felt while cycling downhill. It’s going to keep them fit as well. They can go on mini adventures and live life like it’s meant to be.

7.Skates: Skates and skateboards are also make very cool gifts. Let them enjoy outside the terrible concrete jungle and learn new skills. Let them feel the wind in their hair, let them fall, let them learn new tricks and be proud as they grow.

8.Watches: Watches might be a bit mainstream but they never fail to bring a smile to the kid’s face. Teach them that watches are not style accessories only, they are meant for seeing time and mobiles shouldn’t be used for that purpose. Get them a smartwatch even, to encourage them to walk and play more for the pedometer that it has. But there is no more a better watch than the very old analogue I suppose.

9.Subscription to a hobby class: Get your child a subscription to their favourite hobby class. If they don’t have any hobby currently, put them somewhere so that they can explore themselves. Guitar, swimming, dancing, art, calligraphy –there is so much to choose from. These classes help in the overall development of the child and help them cross new boundaries. It helps them build themselves as a person, it helps them divert themselves from all the tech and get them ready for the real world and it help open their brains. Also keeps them happy and fit.

10.Bags and backpacks: Gift your child a back pack this Children’s Day — simple but completely effective. Everybody loves a fancy bag don’t they? A camping bag will prod them into adventures; a new tote bag will encourage them to take up classes and so on. So why not…Pinaken has an awesome collection of bags as well pouches that your kid will love.

11.Binoculars: Today binoculars and kid telescopes come at cheap prices and provide outstanding experiences and you will agree with me that your kid deserves this experience. Make it special for your children.

12.DIY Sets: Do it yourself activity kits also make very very special gifts. It keeps your little guy engaged, learning, creative and away from the destructive hands of todays, artificial, robotic world. DIYs teach them to take care of their things, they open their minds and portals into lovely imaginations.

Don’t dwell on what other kids get and what parents give. It’s your child’s future and mind you are going to shape. It better be such a gift.



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