10 Top Schools in Dehradun for Quality Education

Education is the foundation for a person’s life and it also lays the foundation for the nation. Therefore, it is important that students study in a school that has a good infrastructure, a good education system, and instils values and prepares students for future competition. All these features are very well reflected by the top schools in Dehradun.

Dehradun is popular as an education hub and has numbers of schools with international standards. We have mentioned below the list of 10 top schools in Dehradun for quality education for your reference:

  1. Doon International School (Riverside campus): The school has a history of 25 years in education. The school has constantly been ranked amongst the best schools in Dehradun providing education under CBSE curriculum with day boarding facility in Uttarakhand. The school works towards developing the overall personality of students by giving them an opportunity to participate in diverse co- curricular activities.
  1. Ecole Globale International Girls School: The school is an exclusive girls’ international boarding school. It is affiliated to Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) and CBSE. The school aims to empower girls to discover their intellectual, creative and physical potential. It believes in giving a challenging environment to the students that help them realize their potential.
  1. The Doon School: This is a ‘boys only’ school and has a long history with being established in 1935. The school gets applications from various cities across India and overseas as well. The school specializes in providing education to boys of age group 12-18 years. Being a top school in Dehradun, it provides a secular environment to students from all different socio-economic backgrounds, religions and castes which helps in overall development of students.
  1. Kasiga School: Kasiga is co-ed, a residential school in Dehradun which is affiliated to CBSE and CIE. Kasiga school has a history of more than 10 years and has been ranked as the top school in Uttarakhand and as the 8th best school in India. The school has a well-developed curriculum for the entire year and provides enough opportunities for overall development.
  1. Welham Girls’ school: This is an all-girls school which has a history of many decades. The school brings students from varied backgrounds and give them a common platform to thrive. It also has scholarships and financial assistance programs for weaker sections of society. The school is affiliated to ICSE and has a number of subjects and options to choose from and this helps them learn things of their interests and hobbies.
  1. Welham Boy’s School: The school has a long history to it with being established in 1937. It is affiliated to CBSE and provides learning to students by providing different subjects. The school also believes experiential and research-based learning which is supported through proper labs and research infrastructure.
  1. Beverly Hills, Shalini School: The school was established with an aim to teach the syllabus along with the latest educational system and technology. Beverly Hills believes in providing co-curricular activities to the students and inculcating leadership, self –learning and decision making in the students.
  1. Col Brown Cambridge School: This is a residential school for boys and was started in the year 1926. The school has multiple options for extra-curricular activities which helps students to explore their inner selves. The school has good facilities which include a playground, a big library, theatre, etc.
  1. The Asian School: This school is regarded as the number 1 co-ed education school in Dehradun. It has an international curriculum and provides IB diploma to its students. The school believes in providing a good environment which helps students to develop and contribute to the needs of society as per their potential, thus making it one of the best schools in Dehradun for shaping the life of your child in the right direction.

Aryan School: This is another leading boarding school in India. It was started in the year 2001 with the belief in not only helping them improve in academics but helping them become a better citizen by inculcating good values in students.



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