10 Features Your Medical Website Design Should Have to Attract Patients

Patients visiting your medical website are looking for two things in particular:

•  To know your professional expertise and see whether they can trust you

•  To find out important details related to visiting your clinic/hospital

So, it is critically important to provide them the information they are looking for within seconds or they would prefer to explore your competitors.
And, this is what your website design can make happen.

Here are 10 features that your medical website needs to have in order to attract patients.

1.  Online Appointment Request Facility

The website should allow patients to fill up and submit the appointment request form online. This will nullify the need for a phone call to book an appointment and free your staff to focus on other important work.

All your staff needs to do is just checking the appointment availability and contact the person confirming his/her request.

2.  Search Feature

A medical website may have dozens or hundreds of pages with varied content. Though having a greater amount of content is good for search engine rankings, it spells trouble for patients looking for particular information. Without the search feature, the patient will not quickly find the information he/she needs and may abandon your website due to frustration.

3.  Patient Forms

The website should allow patients to download all important forms required for a visit to the hospital for a procedure. Some of the important patient forms that are needed when you visit a hospital are registration form, general consent for treatment, insurance claim form and medical records release form.

4.  Contact information

The medical website should prominently display your contact information on top or bottom of every page. Ensure the details of your office are entered in Google Maps so that patient can easily reach you.

5.  Patient Resources

Provide valuable health information and updated facts about different ailments and their treatment on the website. You can also provide tips on general health topics that are concerning people. This helps in building trust with your patients and shows your professional expertise.

6.  Services and Insurance

Most visitors to your website are interested to know the medical services you provide. Patients wanting to take treatment at your clinic/hospital would want to know the insurances you accept as well. Hence mention information about services and insurances on your website.

7.  Mobile Friendly Interface

We are living in a mobile internet era. According to InMobi, a whopping 60% of Internet traffic comes from mobile devices. Hence it is necessary that your medical website design has a mobile friendly interface. Ignoring this factor will drastically reduce the number of visitors to your website.

8.  News and Updates

Refreshing your website content with the latest news and updates will improve your website’s online presence. It will also show the visitors that you are up to date on current medical issues.

9.  Social Media Links

Social media platforms are important for health care professionals. They are effective marketing channels and provide a host of opportunities to maintain relationship with clients. And social media links will make it easy for people to follow you on social media platforms.

10.  Printer-friendly Pages

Printer friendly pages are environmentally friendly as they save ink and also reduce the number of print pages by avoiding printing of frivolous stuff. Printer friendly pages do not print background images and graphics. They only have information important to patients, such as contact information, directions and other important information.



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