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Swtor Command Rank system has been introduced for months. But as the times goes, grinding becomes worse and worse. Besides, unifying all rewards into a singlr system will make the game no longer rewards a players for his accomplishments, but for how long he plays the game.

Problem 1: All players doing different contents will get the same rewards

Recently, many players are up in arms about grinding caused by Swtor Command Rank. To make things better, a nerf to CXP dropped from Elite Mobs is introduced. But the fix cannot address the core issue in Command Rank system.
With the release of Command Rank, loot drops from bosses, PvP gear and Data Crystals are all removed, meaning that all rewards are unified into Command Rank system. That is to say, no matter which you clear a boos on NiM difficulty, or do PvP in high rank, you will obtain the rewards.
Thus the game will no longer reward a player for his accomplishments, but for how long he played the game. So players just need to programming a bot to farm Elite enemies and waiting.
In the past, we can distinguish someone from his gear, like whether he is good at PvP or he is an experienced fighter. But now wwe look at a player wearing high-end gear, but we don’t know nothing of what he has done. Do you like such a game?

Problem 2: grinding will becomes worse and worse in Swtor

As the reward will be given according to how long a player plays the game, nerfing Elite mods will not stop people from grinding and finding easy ways to gain CXP.

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